A quicker way to add seam allowance

I hope you've read the previous tutorials on how to add seam allowance and how to add hem allowance. I always say there is no reason to add seam allowances to a pattern that comes without - just add them on the fabric when cutting. If you prefer to add them on paper, just remember to cut away your tracing lines, on both paper and when cutting the fabric.

There's a trick that you can use if drawing lots of dots and connecting them sounds too time-consuming. This comes in handy when the pattern has lots of curves and irregular shapes.

Take one pencil and one mechanical pencil. Make sure there is no lead in the mechanical pencil, you're only using it as a guide. Tape them together or use elastic band. Measure the distance between the tips of the pencils and add some folded paper between to adjust the width if needed.

How to add seam allowance

How to add seam allowance

Align the mechanical pencil with the edge of the pattern and draw a test line. After you've measured the distance and made sure the width of the seam allowance is correct, you can go ahead and draw around the pattern. So easy!

Adding seam allowance on fabric

Drawing seam allowance on fabric



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