Currently making: Shades of blue dress

Even after all these years of sewing I still find it terrifying cutting into a fabric that I'm madly in love with and have paid way too much for. This Hugo Boss wool suiting was one of those fabrics. I conquered my fear last weekend and cut it, and luckily all the pieces seem to fit together so far. I'm using a new pattern that I've never tested before. It's still unclear whether it will look like the sketch, it all depends on how the different fabrics behave when sewn together.

My sewing projects: Shades of blue dress

I love mixing different textures. The dark navy fabric that I will use for the trims is a poly viscose blend.

My sewing projects: Shades of blue dress

I've used fusible interfacing on all raw edges since the fabric is quite loosely woven and ravels like crazy. I definitely recommend using lot of interfacing for any fitted, tailored style. I know a lot of people are apprehensive about using interfacing but if you find a good quality one it will actually make the sewing easier.

My sewing projects: Shades of blue dress

Can't wait for this one to be finished!



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I always say look for one that feels like fabric rather than paper. Usually this means woven instead of non-woven. Also, choose one that is the same weight or lighter than the fabric you’re using. Hope this helps!


I live in Australia and everything I buy in stores bubbles. I have been avoiding interfacing as much as possible or using sew in. When you say “find a good quality one” do you have any tips about how to do that?

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