Cutting scrap fabric into bias tape

What do you do with all your scrap fabric? I always keep the leftover pieces and, to be honest, never end up using most of it. Still, putting fabric in the bin just doesn't sit well with me.

When my scrap stash starts to overflow, I grab my rotary cutter and cut it all into strips along the bias. I use a lot of bias tape but don't like the store bought quality. This way I always have some home made bias tape handy.

Bias tape from scrap fabric

Before cutting you need to know which way the grain line runs. Especially with scraps it might be difficult to know. Pop over to this tutorial on how to find the grain line. You'll want to cut the strips at a 45˚ angle to the grain line. This is called the bias of the fabric. It has stretch which means the strips can easily be shaped to fit any edge, straight or curved.

You can draw the line and then cut with scissors, but I prefer a rotary cutter. A tailor's ruler makes it easy to find the 45˚ angle. Just keep moving the ruler, aligning with the previous cut, and cut away!

Cutting bias tape Cutting bias tape Cutting bias tape



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Never thought to do this-great idea.

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