I'm starting to feel like I might actually finish my never-ending pile of unfinished sewing projects.

This lace has been waiting to be used for a long time. Even though I only added a tiny bit on the shoulders I think it makes the dress. I left the edges unstitched since the chiffon was simply too delicate to stitch it onto.

When working with loosely woven lace and extremely slippery chiffon I can't say I'd recommend using the narrowest possible bias tape like I did. It was worth the effort though! A narrow edge just looks so professional and is one of my favourite design features.

The design is loosely based on the Sandra Dress pattern.

DIY little black dress with laceDIY Black lace dress image 2DIY black lace dress image 3
DIY Black lace dressDIY Black lace dress



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Yoshino Cherry

impeccable sewing, you must be quite patient. so awesome


absolutely triumphant. i fell that’s the right word here, since you took a UFO and set your laser beam to stun.

Fiona Parker

So gorgeous! I love the way you’ve used the lace!


love the lace details..

Debbie Iles



Wow, so cool! I love the lace details, and I think it really lets you see what is possible with the Sandra Dress.


This is really, really pretty.

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