DIY off the shoulder top

Off the shoulder tops are everywhere right now and lucky for us crafty ladies it's one of the easiest refashion projects you can do. You can use a garment that's too large or even a bit too small and adjust the fit with the elastic on the shoulders. I cut off the shoulders of an h&m dress that I'd previously shortened into a top. The great thing is that the shoulders were a tiny bit too small and now it fits great.

DIY off the shoulder top tutorial

Supplies you need:

• Sewing shears / scissors

• Elastic band (around 2 cm = 3/4" wide)

• Old top or dress with a loose, flowy fit

• Matching thread

Check the back of the garment to make sure there's no closure in the way. Try on the garment to determine where you want to cut it. Mark with pins.

Mark the cut line

Add seam allowance and cut to the middle front.

Cut off the shoulder

Repeat for the back.

Cut off shoulder at back

Now flip the cut piece over to the other side and use as a guide.

Repeat for other side

Cut the other side, front and back separately.

Cut off using other side as guide

Trim off any unevenness and check again that both sides are symmetrical.

Cut off shoulder top tutorial

Grab your bias tape and elastic. Try on the elastic around your shoulders to determine the length. I made my own bias tape from a matching fabric. Well, sort of matching anyway.

DIY cut off shoulder top supplies

Attach bias tape along the raw edge.

Sew bias tape along edge



Turn bias tape over to the wrong side, folding under the raw edge. Pin in place.

Turn bias tape over to wrong side


Sew edge of bias tape

Leave an opening at the back for inserting the elastic.

Leave an opening for elastic band

Insert the elastic using a safety pin. Make sure to secure the other end so you won't lose it.

Insert elastic

Check that there are no twists in the elastic and sew the ends together.

Sew together ends of elastic.

Try on the garment and if you're happy, finish by stitching the opening.



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