DIY Silk Scarf Top

My grandmother gave me a gorgeous silk scarf knowing full well I wouldn't be able to resist chopping it up to use in a sewing project. It happened to be just the right size to work perfectly into our Color Block T-shirt Sewing Pattern. Finding matching white silk charmeuse took a while - there are so many shades of white! The scarf had a hand-rolled hem which I decided to keep as I liked the print along the edge. For the back piece I used my usual technique for a Machine Rolled Hem Sewing Tutorial and matched it with the hem of the scarf the best I could. French seams are the way to go with light weight materials, look how neat the inside seams are!



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I love using scarves for tops! There’s a lovely vintage store near me that sells them for £4-5 each. Yours is just beautiful – I’m going to use French seams next time.


Oh my god i’m in love with that top. The white sets off the silk scarf beautifully! Your so brave but it totally paid off! x

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