Fabric tip - Polyester crepe

Wool crepe is one of my absolute favourite fabrics, but polyester crepe is a great, wallet-friendly alternative. It’s woven from hard spun yarn which gives it a crisp, textured surface. Unlike most polyester fabrics this one has a matte finish, making it look a lot more expensive than it really is.

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Ideal projects vary from tailored suits to floaty dresses and tops. I would recommend taking advantage of the beautiful drape and using it for dresses and skirts with wide hems. The drape might fool you into thinking this is a light weight fabric, but it comes in a variety of weights. Because of the rough texture you might end up with quite bulky seams so grading seam allowances is recommended.

Just remember, polyester is still polyester. It won’t keep you warm and it’s certainly not eco-friendly. On the other hand it’s hard wearing so you'll end up with a garment that will last for decades - provided you sew it well!



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