Hagen skirt sew-along - Part 1

Hagen skirt sew along Part 1

Let's get started with our Hagens! We'll be taking you through all the steps of sewing as well as some pattern alterations and fit adjustments.

If you happen to be new to pdf patterns pop over to our tutorial on how to print the pattern and assemble the pages. This pattern includes 21 pages but luckily you don't have to tape together all of them.


You can use a wide variety of fabrics for this pattern. We've designed the look to be quite tailored and therefore recommend suiting fabrics or similar medium weight fabrics with some body. Chambray, denim and linen are great options, too.

We've made two samples so far, one in polycotton chambray and one in polyviscose suiting. Our third sample will be made from black wool suiting.

Hagen skirt samples


You will need an invisible zipper and some fusible interfacing. Zipper length is 7" (18 cm) for all sizes. As always, I recommend using a woven rather than non-woven interfacing. It's simply better in quality. Look for something that has a clear woven texture instead of that paper-thin look and feel of a non-woven interfacing.

Hagen sew along supplies


Make sure you have the following at hand:

• Invisible zipper foot

• Iron and ironing board

• Tape measure

• Fabric weights

• Tailor's chalk or marking pen (I use soft pencils)

• Sewing shears and/or rotary cutter and mat

• Matching thread

• Machine needle suitable for the fabric

Part 2 of the sew-along will help you adjust the pattern in case your waist-hip ratio is different to our standard sizing. We'll also be sharing a third pocket variation that we are crazy about!

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