Hemming a curved edge - method 2

Hemming a curved edge tutorial

In this previous tutorial I describe how to sew a thin rolled hem, which is a great way to finish any curved edges. However if you're working with a heavier fabric, or if you simply want the hem to be wider, here's another way to hem for example a circle skirt.

curved hem tutorial step 1 and 2

1. With a long stitch setting, stitch a line 1 cm (3/8") from the raw edge.

2. Fold hem along the stitch, pressing as you go along.

3. Fold and press again, now the stitch will be along the inner folded edge. Attach by using plenty of pins.

4. With medium stitch length, stitch close to the folded edge. Finally, give it another press.

curved hem tutorial step 3 and 4

If you're working on a hem wider than 1 cm (3/8"), or if the fabric refuses to be pressed to this shape neatly, you can use the basting stitch as you would when easing in a sleeve: Pull gently from the thread end to form small gathers and spread them evenly along the hem. Make sure that there are no visible puckers.

This method allows you to add an elegant wide hem on a circle skirt without having to hand stitch it. Just remember, the wider the seam allowance the more you will need to ease it in!



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