Hemming with bias tape

There are quite a few different techniques for hemming a garment. Today's tutorial is especially useful for circle skirts or other wide designs that are difficult to finish by folding up the hem. You can also use it for curved hemlines, such as in the Dip hem t-shirt pattern. You need some bias tape in a similar weight or lighter than your main fabric. Using light weight bias tape with a heavier fabric is a great way to reduce bulk in the hem.

1. Match length of bias tape to hem and sew ends together. You can first pin the tape in place to make sure you get the length right.

2. Sew in place along right side of hem. I’m using 1 cm ( 3/8” ) seam allowance.

Hemming with bias tape

3. Fold down, press and topstitch along the edge from the right side.

Hemming with bias tape

Hemming with bias tape

4. Fold up and press other edge of bias tape.

Fold up and press other edge of bias tape

5. Fold bias tape over to the wrong side, also rolling about 1-2 mm ( 1/16” ) of right side to the inside of the garment. The seam should not be visible from the right side.

Hemming with bias tape

6. Stitch in place.

Hemming with bias tape

Since bias tape forms to pretty much any shape this technique is great for any curved edges. You can use it whenever you want a finish with a visible stitch but no visible bias tape. For necklines and armholes use narrow tape to get a neat result.



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