How to find the straight grain

In most garments there are at least a few edges cut straight along the grain such as a waistband, cuffs, hem or middle back seam. On a basic cotton or a knit fabric you can usually see how the grain runs just by looking at the fabric texture. In some other fabrics such as silk it might be painfully difficult to get the fabric to line up. Here's what helps:

•Do a little cut along what you suspect is the grain line.

•Gently pull one or two of the thread ends, gathering the fabric slightly.

•Cut along the formed line.


In most fabrics this works both along warp and weft.

How to find the straight grain image 1

How to find the straight grain image 2

Cutting along the straight grain



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Hmm, I saw my mom doing this, but I completely ignored her. Its funny how some people make it look so difficult. Like its some Sherlock holmes mystery, but here, you are, making me want to try it. lol. Thanks.

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