New Pattern - V-neck Cap Sleeve Dress

I'm so excited to invite you to the world of knit fabrics! I know many beginners are scared of knits because of the general misconception that they are difficult to sew. In some regards this may be true, but knits are also much more forgiving when it comes to small mistakes and fit issues. You also don't need a serger but can get a perfectly neat result with your regular sewing machine. I will soon be updating with more tips and tutorials on sewing stretchy fabrics. In the meantime, check out the twin needle tutorial.

There will be many more patterns to come, but here's the first one specifically designed for knits. It's a very simple dress with small cap sleeves and a deep v-neck. This is a fitted dress that requires a fabric with 25 - 35 % stretch.

Skills needed for this pattern:

•Attaching a facing


Don't be afraid beginners, every step is thoroughly described and illustrated!

Salme Patterns v-neck cap sleeve dress



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