Tutorial - Creating perfect corners

When sewing corners it's important to make them look sharp. The common trick is to trim off seam allowance at the corner before turning it. I prefer a method that gives the corner a firmer finish and supports it. This works for all fabrics except thick coating or similar, since you will end up with 8 layers of bulk in the corner.

1. If working with a thick fabric you might want to grade the seam allowance as I've done here, but it's not essential.
2. On one edge, fold the two layers of seam allowance along the stitch.

Creating perfect corners - sewing tutorial

3. Fold the other two layers of seam allowance on top of the previous fold, again exactly along the stitch.
4. Hold on firmly while pushing the corner through, turning the garment right side out.

sewing corners

5. Grab the corner with your other hand.
6. Finish by gently pulling out the corner with a pin - or with a blunt tool if you're working with a delicate fabric. 

sewing corners



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